Mice can fit through even the smallest spaces and when they get into your house, they can cause a lot of damage. You can try and control mice by setting mouse traps or setting out poison. But why not stop the problem before it starts? In this section of tips, you'll learn how you can stop mice from entering your home.

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   Dangers of Rodent Infestations
Without a doubt, rodents are one of the more common and pernicious pests around. However, what most people don't realize is that they also present some rather unique problems. So you will know why it is so important to stop an infestation before it starts, here are some of the dangers of rodent infestations.

   Do-It-Yourself Rodent Removal
Once you find a rodent in your home it is necessary to locate the nest and entry points. Rodents multiply quickly so time is of the essence to get rid of these pests.

   Environmentally Safe Rodent Repellent
Are you afraid of using harsh chemicals or dangerous traps to get rid of, or prevent rodents from coming around your home? If so you may want to look into some environmentally safe rodent repellent methods. Not only are they less dangerous, they are usually a tad bit more humane than the traditional methods.

   Mouse Trap Safety
If you have a rodent problem, then chances are you are thinking of using some traps to get rid of the problem. The problem is that mouse traps can be fairly dangerous if you don't handle them right. That is where basic mouse trap safety comes into play.

   Stop Mice with Steel Wool
If you shut down the avenues of ingress and egress for mice, then you should not have a problem with mice in your home. Use steel wool to stuff the gaps around wiring and pipes of your home to deter mice from entering.