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Animals aren't always cute and cuddly. Even a pet such as a dog or cat can be a nuisance at times. There are things you can do to keep animal problems under control.

This section of tips includes helpful ideas for dealing with animals when they become a problem. You'll find information about handling pesky birds, dogs, cats, and raccoons.

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   Bat Removal
Bats can be carriers of disease. If bats are residing in your home, it is essential to evacuate them immediately.

   Building a Deer Fence
Deer fences do not have to be fancy they just need to be functional to deter deer from eating your garden or landscaping. Make sure it is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of deer leaning against it.

   Dealing with Pesky Birds
Birds can be beautiful to watch, and sometimes we encourage them to be part of our environment. However, sometimes birds become pests, creating health and safety issues for us. Follow these tips for dealing with birds as pests.

   Getting Rid of Gophers
Gophers are destructive rodent that can cause damage to yards and gardens. There are many ways to remove them from your property depending on how stubborn they are to leave.

   Gopher Control
Gophers are one of the more common types of pests that you can find across the country. As such, they can very easily damage your lawn, yard, landscape, or garden. Make sure that you know some simple methods of gopher control before you have to repair too much.

   How to Get Rid of Gophers
Gophers, while common, can be extremely annoying and destructive if they happen to get into your yard. If you are wondering how to get rid of gophers that you may have, never fear. While it may take a bit of work, here are a few methods that you can use to ensure you do the job right.

   How to Use Deer Repellant
While deer are undoubtedly beautiful to look at, they can also cause a lot of damage to a garden, lawn, or home. One way to stop this from happening is learning how to use deer repellant properly. It's not particularly difficult, as long as you follow a few guidelines.

   If Dogs Are a Nuisance
There are a few simple measures that you can take to deal with nuisance dogs, instead of shooting at them. If the dog causing the trouble is a neighbor's dog, protect your property line with sprays and organic solutions, and speak with your neighbor to hammer out a solution. If the dog has been abandoned, call animal control.

   Keeping Cats Out of Your Trash Cans
Cats that dig through trash are not only annoying, the trash they leave behind poses a health and safety hazard. While you might not have a garage to house your trash cans until garbage day, there are measures you can take to ensure that you keep cats out of your trash cans.

   Keeping Raccoons Out of Your Garbage
Don't make it easy for raccoons to enjoy feasting on your garbage. Remove their water source and double-bag pungent garbage. If you've an outside pet, make sure that their water dish is not within the reach of a raccoon.

   Pigeon Control
Depending on where you live, one of the more common types of pests that you can find yourself faced with is a pigeon. Typically, the most common area that you will find this type of pest is in the city, so this can limit your options for pigeon control.

   Using Deer Fencing
Deer may look all beautiful and wonderful in the wild, but that doesn't exactly meant that they should be wandering around your yard. One of the best methods for preventing deer from getting into you yard or garden is by using deer fencing.

   Using Deer Repellent
Deer can eat up to 8 pounds of plants and shrubs per day, a small herd can do immeasurable damage in a short amount of time. Repellents can be an effective way of relocating them.