How to Use Deer Repellant

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated August 5, 2013)

Just the sight of deer can bring a smile to many people, and conjure up pleasant memories of days gone by watching movies like Bambi. However, anyone that has ever seen the damage that these graceful creatures can do to a garden, lawn, or even home is less likely to smile. One of the more effective methods for dealing with these potential pests is by learning how to use deer repellant. When properly used, deer repellant can greatly reduce the chances of damage done by these animals. All you need to do is make sure that you follow these guidelines. For the best possible results, utilize more than one method at the same time.

  • Remember what deer are. When most people try to deal with deer they usually focus on their grace, beauty, and ability to get into things. What these people are usually forgetting is that deer are a natural prey animal. This means that in the wild, they are used to having other creatures after them. As a result, they are typically rather skittish, and will bolt or run at the first sign of any potential predators. In effect, this is what all deer repellants are trying to duplicate.
  • Scent repellants. These types of deer repellant are extremely easy to use, but must be reapplied every couple of days. There are a number of scents that you can use to scare off deer, but your best results will be if you utilize a couple of them at the same time. Eggs (beaten and mixed with water), predator urine (which can be bought online, or at gardening stores) human hair, and even soap can all be used. Keep in mind that there are more, and almost all of these will need to be mixed with water and sprayed around to be effective.
  • Visual repellants. Oftentimes visual stimulants can cause a deer to be extremely hesitant about entering a particular area. Hanging some tinfoil, Mylar strips, metal cans, pie pans, or other sparkly items (such as a wind chimes or gazing balls) can all help scare off deer.
  • Noise repellants. Sometimes simply using some noises can help ensure that deer don't like to come around. One way that you can do this, and also improve the look of your yard, is by installing a bamboo fountain. Bamboo fountains have been used as a means for keeping deer out of Japanese gardens for generations, since the bamboo makes a knocking sound when the water is dumped out. Another method would be to have a pet dog (as long as it doesn't dig up your yard or garden). When it sees the deer it will help chase it off, and often just the sound of the dog playing will be enough to discourage a deer from coming around.
  • Commercial repellants. There are several different commercial repellants on the market scent, visual, and noise control methods. Most of them work fairly effectively, though you will want to make sure that you read, understand, and follow the directions carefully so that you don't inadvertently cause problems or damage anything.

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Lee Wyatt

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