Kill Roaches with Baking Soda and Sugar

Some people think that the only people who have roaches in their homes are those who live in squalor and filth. Such is far from the case. Every home has the potential to have a cockroach problem, and while you're sitting here reading this article, you may have a few roaches in the walls of your home without realizing it.

Just as with human beings and animals, cockroaches only need three things for survival—food, water, and shelter. Conveniently, you supply all of their needs in your home. If you didn't, they'd go elsewhere to live. Logic dictates that you need to stop supplying their needs, with the major one being shelter. Homes are warm, and have many hiding places—shelter—for roaches. Cluttered homes have the largest potential for a roach problem since the more stuff you have, the more hiding places you're supplying for roaches. Even a clean home can contain roaches if it is cluttered. Roaches can live underneath canned food labels, feeding on the label's glue, inside of paper bags, inside stacks of newspapers, kitchen cupboards, utensil drawers, and even your children's toy box.

If you're concerned about pesticides in your home because you have pets and children, you can use a simple solution of sugar and baking soda to kill them. Neither substance is harmful to humans or pets, but the solution is lethal for roaches. The sweet smell of sugar entices the roach out of hiding to eat it, as well as the baking soda. Then, when the roach drinks water, the baking soda reacts, creating gas inside of the roach which causes its stomach to burst, killing the roach. Since other roaches feed on dead roaches, they also acquire the fatal substance and subsequently die. Follow these steps to use sugar and baking soda to kill roaches in your home:

  1. Use a small dish or a gallon milk jug lid.
  2. Mix equal parts of sugar and baking soda into the dish or lid. This is your bait.
  3. Set another dish or lid close by, containing water.
  4. When you see dead roaches around the bait, replenish the bait and water.
  5. Set these bait and water dishes behind appliances, inside of cupboards and pantries, in the garage, and anywhere you might suspect roaches to live and breed.
Keep in mind that the process may take weeks before you realize the benefit. Since the sugar and baking soda are not pesticides, and merely bait, the products will not act as quickly as chemicals, but are much safer for your pets and family.

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