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Kill Fleas in Your Home with Salt

If you have a pet, you've most likely dealt with fleas in your home at one time or another. A transmitter of diseases, fleas can cause tapeworm, typhus, and they transmitted the bacteria that caused the bubonic plague by carrying it from host to host. Even those people who do not own pets can have fleas in their homes, since fleas deposit their eggs within carpeting, bedding, furniture, and even in cars.

If you discover that you have fleas, a sure way to kill them is with ordinary table salt. Fashion a shaker jar using an old Pringles potato chip can, poking holes in the lid, and fill it with ordinary table salt. Follow these steps to kill fleas using salt:

  1. Remove all bedding, including pet bedding, and wash in very hot water, and dry in the clothes dryer on high heat.
  2. Remove all throw rugs, curtains, drapes, pillows—anything in your home that is removable and washable—and wash them in very hot water and dry on high heat, if possible.
  3. While your items are washing and drying, vacuum the entire house and distribute salt simultaneously, as follows:
    • Before you treat the room, sprinkle salt at least three feet in front of threshold of the room, and all over the hallway leading to the room.
    • Pull all furniture away from the walls.
    • Sprinkle salt all over the carpeting, starting at the baseboards and moving towards the center of the room. If you have a large amount of fleas, you will see them immediately start to jump up out of the carpeting.
    • Cover the entire carpet with salt, moving furniture to the other side of the room as you go.
    • Immediately vacuum the entire room, using crevice tools to get into the corners and around baseboards.
    • Move the furniture as you go and make sure that you vacuum, every inch of space.
    • While you treat one room, fleas will try to leave the room and go to unsalted flooring. If you've salted the hallway and threshold as stated above, then the fleas have no safe place to go.
  4. Once you've vacuumed the entire house, throw away the vacuum bag, taking it outside, placing it into a garbage bag, and sealing it immediately.
  5. Start with step number three above, and repeat the entire salt-and-vacuum process again.

Once you've completed the entire process twice, use a little salt in all rooms again. Leaving a little salt on your carpeting may wear it down faster, but it will also lay down into the fibers, killing flea eggs that may hatch up to seven months later.


Comments for this tip:

groundwork     05 Sep 2014, 04:27
Very important point. DON'T use salt that is iodized or has caking agents. The iodized salt is bad if kitties get any on their foot pads.
Cassie     31 Aug 2014, 07:53
An electric coffee grinder works great for breaking down the salt so that it is almost like a grainy powder. A food processor also works. When I sprinkled the salt on my light colored wood floors, I could actually see some fleas suffering immediately with the salt. I never would have believed it unless I saw it! Looking forward to doing a second application and finally winning what seemed like a loosing battle!!

I have tried many types of sprays with only moderate success. I have COPD and all these chemicals haven't done anything positive to my lungs!!
gavin driscoll    18 Aug 2014, 19:08
ive been looking through the comments on here and im surprised 2 see so many of u saying table salt is working for them.....im abit scepicle but im going to try it ty
jasmine    18 Aug 2014, 01:23
I believe I have fleas , the bumps & itching is driving me crazy but does anybody know how to get rid of the bumps ?
CS    10 Aug 2014, 19:15
Suzy, we did this method first, but read to add a tealight in the middle as they are attracted to heat or light (?) and also read to leave your tv on at night and put the dishes with soap under the light of the TV and they will come. Did you use a candle or ? Well, the salt. The first time we did it about a month ago, it was like a horror movie, put your foot on the floor and you had 50+ on you!!!!! So, we got Advantage II for the cats, which helped as they were suffering too :(...anyway after the dose, we vac'd EVERYTHING and couldn't believe how many went out in the trash, gross!! BUT, the babies came and we got 4 things of salt and it was war! That was 3 days ago, rubbed into carpet deep and today haven't had a issue, so going to vac... but I always read, use a LOT of salt, rub it in and wait a few days, it dehydrates them and the eggs.
bekki    10 Aug 2014, 18:20
Ive had a massive problem with fleas over the last few wks ive spent a fortune on flea bombs indirex etc im even considerin throwin my sofas n carpets away.... ive followed step for step wat I saw online the salt really does work it kils the adult fleas completely! !! Just wonderin if theres anytin else I can do
Sofia    24 Jul 2014, 06:36
I hope this works!!!!!! My dog started off having a few fleas and before you knew it the house was covered!!! Me and my family see them jumping around and are bitten all the time! They are eveywhere! We are going to do this salt trick and wash bedding etc however washing all clothing is going to be difficult as they're is quite a few off us in the house ! Is there a way wr can still tackle this?? Its becoming a very big problem for everyone and I just want them to be gone!!!!
Jim Miner    18 Jul 2014, 14:35
I live at the beach and my cat brought in a huge flea infestation. i was desperate so tried sprays and bug bombs. They helped but did not solve it. My sister said " try salt". Bought 2 round cartons of uniodized store brand table salt at Krogers Supermarket for $1 and spread one of them everywhere. On furniture, in the cracks, salted the carpet good and then just left it - it's a beach house with sand anyway. The fleas have not been back.
SA Peters    15 Jul 2014, 19:29
Going to try this. Will it hurt my cats if they are in the rooms?
Denise     30 Jun 2014, 08:12
I have just found three fleas and I am trying the salt in hopes I can catch them first I am praying this works as I have two budgies and don't want fleas attacking them as blood loss could kill them
JACKIE    25 Jun 2014, 10:46
I have a room in the front of my house with fleas in it , i can't move any of the furniture it is too heavy the bed has two heavy mattresses on it , so i bought four tubs of table salt and have just covered as much of the underlay as i could as there is no carpet in there . i am intending to leave the salt down without hoovering as the last time i had fleas hoovering salt up broke my hoover .
Has anyone ever left salt down without removing and succeeded in killing the fleas. Im figuring that if the fleas eat the salt then they are going to die and so will the eggs ?
Suzy    05 May 2014, 03:10
I have three cats who off and on have fleas. We can't afford to keep them with Frontline always.

So I guess my flea infestation has been growing for years. My eyes are so bad I never noticed it at all. But in the last week my ankles were itching constantly.

I just scratched them.

One night though in the bathroom I noticed these bugs on my socks.

Figured out it was fleas.

I started with 10 low dishes of water with Dawn. I killed over 500 fleas. I counted!!!

Then I purchased salt and soda and heavily spread it on carpets. That seemed to solve the problem for a bit.

But, they were still coming around. So today I changed the ten dishes to apple cider vinegar, bought new salt and soda.

It was spread 5 hours ago. I haven't seen a flea since. Hopefully this will do it.

Vrinda    26 Nov 2013, 12:03
I saw a flea jumping in my cat's room so I quickly searched the internet and found this great idea!!!!!!!!
serenity collins    18 Jul 2013, 10:45
I have also heard about table salt inside. Does it work in a shaded dog pin?
Jena    22 Apr 2013, 04:21
Fleas love me , 15 yrs ago i moved into a house that was infested and I was pregnant. I found the salt remedy on a maternity forum!! this was after the landlord and I had exhausted every thing possible (spending tons of money) Nothing had worked until I used the salt...I bought 8 containers of salt and sprinkled all over the carpeted areas and left it over night, vacuumed up the next day and repeated and wah la!! no more fleas!! I spent like 5 dollars!! make sure you throw away the vacuum bag tho!!
Linda in Toronto    18 Feb 2013, 18:29
The salt/baking soda definitely works. The way I did it is slightly different. Vacuum your home (then put bag in freezer or discard). Recipe: 1c table salt, 1c baking soda, 30 drops essential lemon oil. Mix and put into perhaps an old peanut butter jar and punch holes in lid then shake all over the floors and carpets. The salt will kill most of the fleas, but the key to eliminating them is to wear white socks over your pant bottoms and regularly and carefully check them for fleas - remember fleas can be tiny and can resemble a speck of dirt! If in doubt, drown that 'speck of dirt' and once in the water it'll be clear if it's dirt or a flea. Fleas swim and have long legs out back. Dirt simply floats or drops to the bottom. (I drowned the fleas in an old yogurt 500ml plastic container with water and a drop of dish soap. Release the flea UNDER the water or it may jump out again.) Carefully check your white socks before you leave for work so you aren't spreading fleas. As soon as you come home, immediately put on the socks. Wear socks to bed. Check before you get into bed. Check every time you use the washroom through the day. When the fleas are almost gone, the last times you'll see them is at night when you use the washroom. You get the idea, check regularly. The good news is, in about two weeks, the fleas will be almost gone. Also, purposely walk through your whole place twice a day to trigger any remaining eggs to hatch and jump on you. This speeds up getting rid of them. When you launder your clothes & bedding, nothing special is needed except perhaps to extend the washing cycle to the maximum length of time to make sure they are drowned if they're in bed clothes or whatever. After 2 weeks, vacuum (then garbage or freeze the bag) and re-apply salt. (I salted thoroughly the first time, but mainly down the middle of the rooms the second time.) After this second two week period, likely all the fleas will be gone, but I still vacuum and re-apply salt again and leave it on for some time. If the fleas get on you, you'll itch like a dog. Just shower with soap and they'll be gone. Fleas travel on people so keep visitors out of your place until the fleas are gone to prevent spreading them. (I am omitting the pet care part. People can look that part up online or visit your vet if there's a pet involved. If I had a cat, I wouldn't use the lemon essential oil, just the salt/baking soda.) I used the salt mixture on carpet, kitchen floor and bathroom tile and my landlords upstairs used it on their wood floors and it didn't seem to harm any surfaces. (Aside, I also tried making a spray out of lemons - wow what a sticky mess, don't do this. It also wasn't very effective. Neither was the light over the bowl of water. The ground cloves may act as deterrent but killing the fleas with salt (and using white socks to find and kill the remainder) is the only real solution for completely eliminating the fleas. Oh and my landlords first had a pesticide sprayed upstairs and one application decreased them, but didn't eliminate them up there.)
Ms. Zelvia Hooker    15 Sep 2012, 14:52
First I've heard of using salt to kill fleas in carpet! I'll try it!

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