Kill Fleas in Your Home with Salt

If you have a pet, you've most likely dealt with fleas in your home at one time or another. A transmitter of diseases, fleas can cause tapeworm, typhus, and they transmitted the bacteria that caused the bubonic plague by carrying it from host to host. Even those people who do not own pets can have fleas in their homes, since fleas deposit their eggs within carpeting, bedding, furniture, and even in cars.

If you discover that you have fleas, a sure way to kill them is with ordinary table salt. Fashion a shaker jar using an old Pringles potato chip can, poking holes in the lid, and fill it with ordinary table salt. Follow these steps to kill fleas using salt:

  1. Remove all bedding, including pet bedding, and wash in very hot water, and dry in the clothes dryer on high heat.
  2. Remove all throw rugs, curtains, drapes, pillows—anything in your home that is removable and washable—and wash them in very hot water and dry on high heat, if possible.
  3. While your items are washing and drying, vacuum the entire house and distribute salt simultaneously, as follows:
    • Before you treat the room, sprinkle salt at least three feet in front of threshold of the room, and all over the hallway leading to the room.
    • Pull all furniture away from the walls.
    • Sprinkle salt all over the carpeting, starting at the baseboards and moving towards the center of the room. If you have a large amount of fleas, you will see them immediately start to jump up out of the carpeting.
    • Cover the entire carpet with salt, moving furniture to the other side of the room as you go.
    • Immediately vacuum the entire room, using crevice tools to get into the corners and around baseboards.
    • Move the furniture as you go and make sure that you vacuum, every inch of space.
    • While you treat one room, fleas will try to leave the room and go to unsalted flooring. If you've salted the hallway and threshold as stated above, then the fleas have no safe place to go.
  4. Once you've vacuumed the entire house, throw away the vacuum bag, taking it outside, placing it into a garbage bag, and sealing it immediately.
  5. Start with step number three above, and repeat the entire salt-and-vacuum process again.

Once you've completed the entire process twice, use a little salt in all rooms again. Leaving a little salt on your carpeting may wear it down faster, but it will also lay down into the fibers, killing flea eggs that may hatch up to seven months later.

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