If you have a dog or cat, you are most likely familiar with fleas. The tips in this section can help you deal with these common insects. You'll find information about the different types of fleas, including the human flea, along with natural ways you can kill fleas in your home.

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   Borax can Kill Fleas in Your Home
Preferring a warm and humid environment, fleas make themselves comfortable in homes and their hosts include cats, dogs, humans, rabbits, rats, and mice. Some hosts suffer allergic reactions to flea saliva, resulting in rashes, itchy and swollen skin, and anemia, in extreme cases. Follow these tips to use borax to kill fleas in your home.

   Getting Rid of Fleas without Chemicals
Most of us have seen fleas, especially if you've owned a dog or cat, or have visited family or friends who own dogs or cats. Even so, you may be surprised to know that there are several different kinds of fleas, each with a preferred host. In other words, fleas do not only use dogs and cats as hosts. Some flea species include the Northern rat flea, the dog flea, the oriental rat flea, the cat flea, and the human flea. That's right. There's even a human flea, especially adapted for inconspicuous movement through human hair and underneath clothing.

   Kill Fleas in Your Home with Salt
Before you spend a lot of cash on pesticides, flea dips and collars for your pets, or home exterminators to kill fleas in your home, try an ordinary substance that nearly every home has in their panty or cupboard. Ordinary table salt will dry and kill flea eggs, but it will also break down the cell walls of a flea, killing it or having it jump to a safer place. Follow these tips to use table salt to kill fleas in your home.

   Rid Your Home of Fleas with the Vacuum Cleaner
Use your vacuum cleaner to rid your home of fleas by following this strict regimen. While the process is tedious and time consuming, your efforts will be rewarded in that you will entirely rid your home of fleas.