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Plants, including the crops we eat, depend on bees to pollinate them so that they will grow properly. Without bees, we would lose a major part of our food supply. Sometimes, however, bees can be a problem. It is important to handle bees carefully.

If you have ever come across killer bees, you know how dangerous they can be. The tips in this section can help you identify killer bees and know how to safely remove them.

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   Areas Affected by Killer Bees
If you have watched the news at all over the past several years then the chances are pretty good that you have at least heard of killer bees. Without a doubt, this is perhaps one of the more aggressive species of pests around. Whether you are allergic to bees or not, knowing the areas affected by killer bees is simply a good idea.

   Benefits of Bees
While bees are listed as one of the most annoying pests around, there are also some huge benefits from them as well. So before you run off and get rid of those bees that you see flying around your garden, make sure that you weigh the benefits of bees with the disadvantages. You will be amazed at the results.

   Eliminating Wasps
There is a main difference between wasps and bees, and that is bees can only sting you once. If you have a wasp infestation somewhere around your home, you need to take some steps on getting rid of them. Luckily, eliminating wasps isn't all that difficult—though you will want to be careful.

   Safely Removing Killer Bees
In 1995, while a man cleared brush with a chainsaw on his property in Texas, he was attacked by thousands of Killer Bees. The noise and vibration of the saw agitated the colony, and they sought him from nearly a quarter mile away. He endured over 500 stings, yet survived the attack. If you have honeybees and want them removed, call a professional. Do not take the chance in thinking that the honeybees are regular, since they might be Killer Bees.

   What is a Killer Bee?
While it is a fact that Killer Bees are more aggressive and attack in greater numbers than regular honeybees, they also produce more honey. Some beekeepers introduce Killer Bee queens into their hives in order to produce better honey, in greater quantities.

   What to Do about a Bee Sting
Bee stings can be painful. Bees can only sting once as they leave their stinger behind.