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Finding an ant farm in your yard can mean problems. But if you know what you are dealing with, getting rid of the ants might not be as difficult as you think.

In this section of tips you'll find several ideas that can help you repel ants without the use of chemicals. Chalk, white pepper, and lemon juice are great ways to deter ants and there are tips here to help you use them correctly.

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   Ants Hate Lemon Juice and Bay Leaves
Many people aren't aware that ants hate citrus ingredients and plants such as bay leaves. Use lemon juice and bay leaves as a natural way to rid your home of ants, instead of using harmful bug spray.

   Ants will not Cross a Chalk or Powder Line
Because ants use pheromones to make and follow trails, you can stop ants in their tracks by using chalk or powder to change the scent of the trail. Ants will not cross a chalk or powder line, and you can use those inexpensive, natural products to repel ants from your home and landscape.

   Areas Affected by Fire Ants
If you are worried about aggressive pests, then it is a good idea to know about the areas affected by fire ants. Here is some information on how you can tell whether you are currently living in an area with them, as well some methods for dealing with them.

   Getting Rid of Ants without Chemicals
If you've ever wondered how to get rid of pesky ants without using harmful chemicals and pesticides, there are some great ideas listed here. You may already have most of the items at hand, but you may also purchase the things you'll need at little expense.

   How to Repel Ants
There are many insecticides, pesticides, and poisons readily available from hardware and home improvement stores specifically formulated to kill and repel ants. However, you most likely already have in your home all of the ingredients you'll ever need to repel ants. Read this article for some great, frugal ideas for how to repel ants.

   Keep Ants at Bay without Using Harmful Insecticides
You probably already have a few simple ingredients in your kitchen to use as a natural ant repellent. The next time you see ants in your kitchen, use cucumber, peppermint, or cinnamon to keep them at bay.

   Keep Ants Away from Your Home with Apples
Homeowners in the south have used hedgeapples for generations as a natural insect repellant. From the mulberry family, hedgeapples contain Osage orange oil. Since ants do not like that essential oil, they will not stick around if you have hedgeapples in your house.

   Keep Ants Away Naturally
If you find that you've an ant problem in your house, consider using natural remedies for keeping them away, instead of grabbing that can of ant spray. And, use your common sense; if you cut off their food and water supply, ants will leave to find a better buffet.

   Keep Ants Away with Petroleum Jelly
A useful beauty product, petroleum jelly is also used as a barrier for ants. Smear it anywhere you see ants trailing to and from your house, and they will not cross the sticky substance. With a little persistence, you can use petroleum jelly to keep ants away.

   Kill Ants with Proprietary Ant Killer
If your home remedies aren't working when it comes to ridding your home, garden, and landscape of ants, you might try a proprietary ant killer. Check the directions on the product to determine safe use around vegetation, children, and pets.

   Love to Camp, but Hate the Ants?
If you love to camp, but hate the ants, make your camping environment impossible for ants to thrive. Use vinegar to douse their ant hills, make food unattainable to them, and use bug repellants all around.

   Never Step On or Squash an Ant
Ants emit pheromones as a way to communicate with each other. When you step on an ant, the crushed ant emits an alarm pheromone and, depending upon the concentration of the pheromone, you will have a few more ants—or hundreds more—to deal with and get rid of.

   Recognizing Carpenter Ants
How do you know if your have a carpenter ant infestation? The next time that you see ants foraging about your home, check for piles of sawdust in your basement, underneath your porch or deck, or around cracks or crevices between partitions and walls, and visually inspect your wooden window and door casings for tunneled holes.

   Repel Ants with White Pepper or Sage
Instead of reaching for that can of bug spray or buying toxic pesticides and insecticides, use two common household spices to repel ants from your home. Sage and white pepper are two common ingredients that repel ants.

   Stop Ants from Getting into Your Home
If you want to avoid the nuisance of ants inside your home, then find a way to keep them outside. Seal their entrances and use scents that ants hate. Here are some tips and options to try to keep ants from getting into your home.

   Use Acid and Poison to Make Homemade Ant Bait
Why spend a lot of money on bug sprays and baits that are not effective, when you can make homemade ant bait at home for a lot less cash? Try these bait recipes to get rid of ants, killing out the entire colony.

   What are Sugar Ants?
Sugar ants are identified by their black heads and orange and brown bodies. They are most active around dusk.