Preventing Lawn Pests

by Lee Wyatt
(last updated August 5, 2013)

While you can always deal with lawn pests once they have become a problem, why put up with the headache. Instead, preventing lawn pests from even getting a foothold into your yard would be the better than dealing with all the problems that they can bring with them. There are a few simple steps that you can take to help make sure that you are able to reduce or even eliminate the possibility of lawn pests.

  • Mix it up. A great method for preventing lawn pests is to mix up the various plants that you have around your lawn. Pests, bugs, and other critters don't all like the same plants. By putting different kinds of plants nearby each other will help provide protection for each other, and also make your yard look a little prettier.
  • Not all bugs are bad. Despite what most people think, not all bugs are bad. By using different plants to attract different bugs, you can help stave off the bad ones. For example, if you utilize plants that attract things like ladybugs, spiders, and those really small parasitic wasps, you will see the detrimental bugs scatter to the four winds. After all, the bad bugs wouldn't want to hang around where they could be eaten.
  • Covers can be helpful. If you are growing vegetables near your yard and don't want to have some nasty bugs crossing over, you want to look into using some covers. By using a type of cover called a floater, which are made out of a lightweight fabric. These types of covers can be laid on top of the vegetables, which will help keep the vegetables free from any pests. If the pests can't get to the vegetables, they will eventually go away.
  • Set out some traps. By laying out some traps you can attract the pests toward what you set out, and keep them away from the places that you don't want them to get into. An example of this would be to place some beer (preferably non-alcoholic) will attract slugs. Slugs can be a fairly nasty critter that will hurt not only vegetables and flowers, but also shrubs, and even you aren't careful. The slugs will get into the beer and be unable to get out, and they will end up drowning in the beer.
  • Keep an eye out. Keep a sharp eye out for any harmful insects or other kind of pests, and take care of them as quickly as possible. By removing the first encroachers as early as possible you will help prevent others from following in their footsteps. This is the most active of all the options, and usually will take the most effort of all, so use this method in conjunction with the other methods.

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Lee Wyatt

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